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  Life in Switzerland is wonderful. Pristine alpine scenery & some the highest living standards in the world. It is also the the home of Rolex, Lindt chocolate & the Swiss army knife. Due to the strength of the Swiss Franc it has some of the most expensive mobile data rates in the world.  Although located in heart of Europe, Switzerland is not part of the Eurozone. This presents a challenge for traveller's who depend on data to use maps and stay in contact with their loved ones back home. Swiss traveller's are faced with higher roaming charges than their Euro neighbour's and it gets even worse when travelling outside the further abroad to America, Asia, Africa & Australia. There are three main mobile carriers in Switzerland  MVNO International Roaming Data? Cost Flexiroam Yes $6+ per GB Swisscom Yes $500 per GB Sunrise Yes $500+ per GB Salt Yes N/A   The answer for most Swiss traveller's is clear, purchase a local SIM Card upon arrival at your destination. S